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B R O T H E R H O O D   W I T H O U T   B A N N E R S ➻ Fake book of the houses

H O U S E   K A R S T A R K ➻ Fake book of the houses


Colin and Jen at SDCC 2014 OUAT Panel


The life and adventures of Emma Swan.


Captain Swan Wedding | As Emma walked down the aisle, her eyes found his immediately. Her grin turning into a smirk, realizing how glad she was that he hadn’t shaved or taken out his earring - no matter how against them she was just a day ago. This was her Killian: her true love; her soulmate. She loved everything about her pirate, and she couldn’t wait to start on the many adventures that would await Mr. and Mrs. Jones.

"Do you, Emma, take Killian to be your husband?" - "I do."
"Do you, Killian, take Emma to be your wife?" -"Aye."

Love is Sacrifice

Monster Tamer (charming family + cs ff) 


A fic based off this conversation, namely the idea that if Emma were raised in the EF she would go around befriending all manner of magical creatures and stressing her parents out greatly.

Set in an AU where Regina was defeated before Emma’s birth, and Killian Jones’ story happened in the present. That means no Milah (and thus no hook), but he did lose his brother to a corrupt king and became a pirate.


It starts with the Huntsman’s wolf.

Emma’s barely walking, and she hasn’t seen the man since he was named godfather shortly after her birth (the Huntsman is fond of Snow but not of civilization, and despite being welcome any time rarely takes advantage of their hospitality), but she seems to recognize him immediately, throwing her arms in the air and grinning hugely wide.

“‘Unsman!” She laughs, and when he doesn’t move to pick her up immediately, wobbily pushes herself to her feet to go to him instead. The Huntsman, Snow, and David watch her progress fondly (and in the Huntsman’s case, obviously bewildered), as she toddles slowly across the room towards the man dressed in hunting leathers.

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